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updated 11/5/18

Changes since last update



- dialogue and sprite issues made the game REAL bad but should be more playable now

Visual Update

Level up system implemented!

New town!!

New characters

New talk bubble

new lighting system! (try it out around the well)

New maps

Stats system attached correctly

Character page shows all items in inventory now!

Easier clickable enemies! 

Beginning of AOE attack system!

Right clicking enemies shows the range they can possibly travel to attack you!

Twitter@T4TGames https://twitter.com/T4TGames


Jin (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfr1IXnlMttv79X1vrRVXRw/videos?view_as=subscriber) Programmer

SpaceDogGames/ Way(http://spacedoggames.tumblr.com/) - Programmer

Cutes - Programmer


Led -(https://twitter.com/ledgamedev) Pixel Art/Animation

Leo -(https://twitter.com/Yasu_Leon) CG Backgrounds/ pixel art

ThatOneGuy(https://twitter.com/AyyThatOneGuy)- CG Art

Bah- Art/Pixel Art/ Quality Control


Michi (https://soundcloud.com/michips)- Tunes

GeneralT (https://twitter.com/T4TGames)-  Pixel Art/ Animation/Programmer/CG Art

Beat the game for Alternate levels, and a sneak peak at some monsters

StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, roleplay, Strategy RPG, waifu


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Where is the download link for demo?

I think this game has a lot of potential. Random key points that I hope will be helpful, but if nothing else I think your game was really fun.

- Control feels odd with KB&M. The mouse pointer moves with the characters movement, would probably be better if it didn't do that.

- Attack ranges, there needs to be attack ranges, otherwise I'm just rapidly clicking on the enemy while moving. As well as indicator you have line of sight. 

- Tootips? Maybe a way to indicate right clicking gives enemy movement area. As well as the show all enemy movement. The way to talk to others and show info seems clunky too. Why not just double click to show enemy stats, or normal click to show dialogue? Same goes for skills, it'd be easier if the name was on the bottom, maybe a small description.

- Balance seems fine though for the mage (I already forgot names) fire attack, her minigame is tough compared to the ice attack. You can easily do more damage with ice. Maybe consider another minigame (or just higher damage output for fire to compensate). Gamble doesn't seem to do much but I can tell she's WIP

- Love the graphics. This isn't much but the way the alchemist shakes her hips is v cute. All their attacks are visually appealing.  I love the designs. A+ points here.

- Sound effects! I hope the knight gets a better attack sound for hits. 

- Stat explanation on level up would be nice too. 

- Enemies, could be smarter? Some of them seem to do nothing. I also want to see resistances and what-not, something to make things harder.

Love this demo.


Lucky, thanks a ton for playing! I'll note all these concerns, and we will hit them all to make them better guaranteed! Thanks a lot for enjoying the demo. There was a lot of love put into that hip shake! 


Isometric? Sounds good!

(1 edit) (+1)

I love the art and the music! It's really top-notch.

Small issues I've noticed : the yes / no prompt when leaving the cave seems not quite right when using the mouse.

The dialogue keeps advancing even-though I've alt-tabbed.

The sweet-spot for hitting with the axe is hard to see.

Just a half second preview of what you're supposed to do when attacking would be nice.

Having unlimited turns when you've cleared all enemies in a room would be nice.

One of my characters couldn't go through the other here.


Being able to do all your attacks without reclicking an enemy would be nice.

I know I seem like I'm being really harsh but I love the game. Nice job!

Loved the last Screenshot.
Really got me into giving a try to the game.

I would "operate" Noe all night long.

Following you after this demo! keep it up!